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The history of windshields is almost as long as the history of the motor vehicle. Windshields first purpose was for mere protection against bugs and small debris. The first windshields were introduced in 1904 and were divided into two sections. The windshields were composed of simple plate glass and had no windscreen wipers to clean them. If the windshields got dirty the driver would have to either stop to clean them or in some car models could wind down the windshields.
It was not too long before manufactures realized that plate glass was hazardous to human life when broken and so the quest got under way to find materials and designs which would make the windshields safer. In the early 20th century French scientists undertook the task of improving the plate glass of windshields.
They proposed that the windshields be made of two layers of plate glass with a layer of cellulose in between, while in Britain a similar idea resulted in windshields being made which had a layer of laminated glass over the plate glass with the cellulose in between.
In 1934 Chrysler Imperial implemented the first single piece curved windshields into their new range of cars. The manufacturing design of windshields had changed forever. Over the years the interlayer of the windshields has been modified time and time again.
Today toughened and tempered glass are used and laminated to provide us with the windshields we have. Not only have the properties of the windshields glass used today changed but the curvatures and dynamics too.
If it were not for all the work of those before us companies such as West Rand Auto Glass would not be in existence today. We now today can offer top of the range windshields for a variety of cars - all thanks to what started with simple plate glass. The windshield has come a long way and shall continue to evolve as technology does.
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