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Windscreens are objects used in aircrafts, cars, buses, motorbikes, and even trains and boats. Modern windscreens are usually made of laminated safety glass.

Windscreens are a type of glass which typically consists of the following: curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer laminated between them for safety. The windscreens are glued into the window frame. The windscreens are properly secured with masking tape to ensure the glue has time to dry and harden to keep the windscreens in place.

The windscreens of modern cars contribute to the overall strength and weight of the motor vehicles bodies. They form part of the cars passenger cells.

When windscreens are damaged and not repairable, the glass is removed by cutting the glue that holds the windscreens in place. Roadworthiness issues and general requirements include the following: windscreens must be of an approved type, windscreens must not be badly cracked, chipped, scratched or sandblasted. Such damage could interfere with the driver’s view of the cars surroundings.

When windscreens are repaired they must comply with the relevant road rules and requirements. Windscreens must always be in one piece if you are travelling great distances. Windscreens that are badly damaged get worse and can cause a serious car accident. Better to be safe than sorry.

There are windscreens for all kinds of vehicles. It is best if you have the right people to install them for you. West Rand Auto Glass operates in Gauteng and offers excellent services and is very helpful when it comes to installing windscreens.

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