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Toughened Glass
Toughened glass has been around since the 1800’s and was first patented in 1900 by an Austrian born chemist.
Toughened glass is a safety glass processed through thermal or chemical processes to give glass increased strength and durability. Toughened glass is made to crumble into small pieces or blocks instead of breaking into shards which can prove dangerous.
Toughened glass can be found in a variety of products because of its safety features. Toughened glass can be found in telephone booths and in cars. Passenger windows and rear windows are made from toughened glass and many other glass products that require its properties.
Toughened glass can be shaped to make cooking dishes, doors and even floors. In the United States any glass that is within 46cm of a doorway or floor is required to consist of toughened glass as a safety requirement.
The properties of toughened glass is  that it is thermally and physically stronger than ordinary glass. Glass is only considered toughened glass once the surface compression exceeds 100 MPa. The greater the surface stress of the toughened glass the smaller the particles will be once the glass has broken.
The manufacturing of toughened glass is made from annealed glass by a thermal heating process. The glass is laid on a roller table and rolled through a furnace that takes it to its annealing point at 720 degrees Celsius. Then the glass is rapidly cooled with air drafts. Toughened glass can also be made by chemical processes which are beneficial because this process can be done on complex objects too unlike the thermal process. 
To prevent toughened glass from being scratched they are normally coated or laminated. Examples of this are windscreens like the ones found at West Rand Auto Glass.
You get many types of toughened glass, the main two types of toughened glass you get are heat strengthened glass and fully tempered glass.
The disadvantage to toughened glass is it cannot be tampered with after processed any requirements need to be done before the process is completed.
One thing is for sure the invention of toughened glass has greatly benefitted mankind and added safety to many appliances and structures and shall continue to do so for as long as we know.
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