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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass or toughened glass is a safety glass that is processed by chemical or thermal treatments to increase the strength of normal glass. Tempering glass balances the internal stresses of the glass which makes the glass shatter into tiny chunks of glass instead of breaking off into razor sharp daggers that can cut you.

It is very important to have tempered glass where there is a possibility of it breaking in a situation where it can cut and injure people. Structures near swimming pools are expected to have in them only tempered window glass.

For the roof overhang such as a sky light above an indoor swimming pool just imagine that for some reason the sky light is not tempered glass and breaks. People in the pool could get injured and cut very badly. On the other hand if the sky light was tempered glass the glass would just shatter into small fragments and there would be very low risk of injury.

As long as the small glass pieces do not fall into the swimmer eyes the swimmer should get out safe and untouched. It is very important to have tempered glass in such places.

Tempered glass is also used in motor vehicles because of the risk of accidents. It would not be good to have normal glass as the windows. In the United States it has been law since 1977 for all glass located near a floor or doorway to be tempered glass. West Rand Auto Glass are experts in supplying and fitting tempered glass into motor vehicles. We take pride in our work and provide great customer satisfaction.

Tempered glass is thermally & physically stronger than normal glass. The manufacturing process of the tempered glass induces compressive stresses in the surface of the glass which balances the tensile stresses in the glasses body.

In the manufacturing of the tempered glass the glass has to be cut and shaped prior to the tempering because any scratches will cause the tempered glass to fracture.

West Rand Auto Glass can meet all your needs in tempered and other makes of glass, such as shatter proof.

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