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Glass Replacement
Glass replacement is a sensible option only when a person wishes to replace one intact piece of glass with an equivalent piece made of a different kind of glass. For example, he or she may wish to reduce the intensity of ultra-violet light entering his or her vehicle.
Glass replacement in which plain vehicular glass is exchanged for bullet proof glass might make sense in the car of a prominent politician. However, glass replacement should be considered to be mandatory whenever a crack arises in a windscreen, car window or glass panel. Cracks no matter how small in car glass should never be “repaired”.
The reason for this is that cracks continue to spread and may do so rapidly in a second or less. Sealants of cracks do not prevent them from continuing to grow from under and away from the “sealed” area. Treated cracks are unsightly, may interfere with one’s vision and reduce the resale value of one’s car. Glass replacement is the only sensible response when a glass crack appears.
The names of the some of the glass replacement products provided by West Rand Auto Glass are “Shatterproof” and “Toughened glass”. Only the first two mentioned are suitable for glass replacement in road vehicles.
Shatterproof laminated safety glass can be the glass replacement for any cracked or damaged vehicular glass. However, it is the preferred glass replacement for front windscreens. This is because when breakage occurs in one or both of its two glass layers, the broken pieces in shatterproof windscreens do not fly off into the vehicle but remain stuck to the layer of plastic between the layers. The broken windscreen remains a unit, thereby decreasing the probability that objects crashing into it will pass into the vehicle, or that the driver will be propelled through the windscreen. Also worth noting is the fact that because the broken pieces of glass are fairly large, the driver’s view is only slightly obstructed.
Toughened glass is not as suitable as glass replacement for windscreens, even though it is almost five times as strong as shatterproof and much more force is required to break it. The reason for this relative unsuitability is that when toughened glass does break, it breaks into a large numbers of pieces about a square centimetre or less in area which may spray the car’s occupant’s faces and eyes. If the toughened glass windscreen breaks, the forward vision of a driver may be obliterated, thereby reducing further his control of his vehicle and possibly compounding the consequences of an accident. Toughened glass is however, more suitable glass replacement for windows, side glass panels and rear windscreens.
Hurtling stones which would break shatterproof glass on impact would be unlikely to harm Toughened glass. Thieves however have discovered that a very sharp tap with a spark plug so concentrates the force of a tap that Toughened glass panels or windows shatter instantly into small pieces. It is then a simple matter for the thief to reach into the car and remove things such as handbags and lap-tops lying on the car seats. By contrast shatterproof will not permit a thief to gain access to your cars’ interior using only a spark plug to do so.
West Rand Auto Glass can answer all your glass replacement queries and satisfy all your glass replacement needs.
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