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Glass Repairs
In a typical car there are 10 sheets of glass which, in theory, could be damaged and therefore require treatment by a glass repair specialist.
Each of the 4 doors has a rectangular wind able window. There is usually a triangular piece of glass on a swivel in the forward side of each front door. Near the rear of each back door is a fixed glass triangle.
These 8 pieces of glass seldom need glass repair; they rarely suffer “damage”: instead they get smashed in accidents beyond the need for glass repair, or are smashed in by thieves breaking into the car. Such glass must be totally replaced.
It is true that glass damage can be caused anywhere in a car by maliciously thrown objects or stones propelled from under the tires of passing vehicles. If these objects and stones cause chips, then glass repair is an option. But, if the glass is cracked, total replacement is best.
The same choices apply to rear windscreens: chips; possible glass repair or replacement. Cracks: Replacement the only safe option. This is because chips should undergo glass repair not only to improve appearances but also to prevent the chips from suddenly sprouting cracks; glass repair of a crack is no guarantee that the crack will not continue to spread. Furthermore glass repair of cracks is almost impossible to disguise.
The one part of a car for which glass repair will, during the working lifetime of a car, be inevitable is the front windscreen. Here too, only chips and not cracks should be given glass repair. The specialist glass repairman will map out the exact position of the area covered by each chip. Each area is then carefully cleaned and the surface prepared for the glass repair to come. This chip is now filled with a transparent resin (with the same tint, if any, as the windscreen). After drying with the radiations from an ultra-violet lamp, the resin in and around the glass repair is polished.
Glass repair carried out professionally causes the original chip to become invisible as if it has never existed! Professional glass repair of a chip should take at most 30 minutes. Glass repair confined to chips is generally covered by comprehensive car insurance. Any no claims bonus is unaffected.
West Rand Auto Glass is a windscreen replacement and repair business specializing in such occurrences.
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