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Car Windscreen
The term “car windscreen” usually refers to the sheet of glass in front of the driver seated in a car and in front of any passenger in the so called “death seat” immediately to the drivers left.
Sometimes the fixed sheet of glass behind the occupants of a car is also called a “car windscreen”. The front car windscreen has more functions than merely that of “screening” a car’s occupants from the “wind” created by the car’s motion:
The car windscreen will shield the occupants from some of the ultra-violet rays (UV) from the sun. Without the layer of glass, preferably tinted, to absorb UV, the chances of developing cancers in the skin of the face and hands of the driver would be much greater.
The car windscreen reduces the glare caused in the daytime by sunlight and caused after sunset by the headlights of other vehicles.
The car windscreen prevents flying objects such as insects and stones shot out from under tyres of other vehicles, from striking the car’s occupants. The car windscreen shields the occupants from colliding with stray animals or people flung onto the car’s bonnet. The car windscreen permits the driver to have wide-angle vision of the road ahead and approaches.
The car windscreen provides support for the car’s airbag if this is activated during an accident.
The wise and prudent owner will try to ensure that his car windscreen is able to perform its functions well. He will ensure that his car windscreen is maintained by a reputable organization with great experience in repairing chipped car windscreens, in replacing any cracked or broken car windscreen and in liaising with the insurance company of any driver.
West Rand Auto Glass West Rand is just such a reputable organization for all Gauteng car drivers.
A “chip” in a car windscreen can be caused by any sharp object colliding with the car windscreen. The usual cause is a stone or small rock squeezed out at speed from under the tyres of another vehicle. Chips cannot be prevented. Any chip should be repaired a.s.a.p.
The reason for urgency is that suddenly, at any time, without warning a chip may propagate a crack which spreads across most or the entire car windscreen. If this happens, the entire car windscreen should be replaced. To repair a chip in a car windscreen takes about 30 minutes. To replace a car windscreen takes considerably longer.
To repair a chip costs relatively little and if you have comprehensive car insurance costs nothing and will not affect your no-claims bonus. To replace a car windscreen can cost you thousands of rands unless you have comprehensive car insurance but, in that case, you may well lose your no-claim bonus. Clearly, by repairing the chips in your car windscreen, you will save both time and money.

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