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Car Glass
The driver and the passengers in a car are surrounded from the chest upwards by car glass. At their front and rear the car glass is fixed; on both sides the car glass is vertically moveable.
Car glass is breakable. Outside forces during accidents can propel car glass inwards onto and into a car’s occupants.
Stones from tyres of other vehicles can crash into the car glass causing chips and cracks. A car in which car glass has chips or cracks is like a beautiful woman with facial pimples and blackheads. No amount of polishing and cleaning can eradicate the uncomfortable awareness of imperfection created by seeing chipped and/or cracked car glass. The ugliness of damaged car glass may be of concern only to connoisseurs.
The dangers threatened by imperfect car glass should be of concern to everyone: a driver’s awareness should not be lessened, no matter by how little by imperfect car glass between him and the outside world; damaged car glass is more likely to implode during an accident when human or animal bodies collide with the car glass or the car rolls over rocks; activation of the car’s airbag is more likely to explode car glass outwards, thereby reducing considerably the airbags support for the car’s occupants.
Did you know that a car glass chip can, suddenly, without warning shoot branched cracks right across the entire expanse of car glass? Or that such a major crack in your car glass can, at a roadblock result in your car being taken off the road?
A chip in car glass can be repaired almost invisibly whereas a crack cannot. Therefore, for both safety and financial reasons, because cracked car glass must be replaced, chips in car glass should be repaired.
Nowadays, like invisible mending, chips in car glass are repaired almost invisibly.
The pristine quality of the original car glass is preserved. The careful attention paid to repairing chips in car glass implies to potential purchasers of your car that you are a proud owner who will have also cared well for other parts of your car, such as the engine.
The resale value of your vehicle will be greater.
Note that, provided you have fully comprehensive car insurance which includes cover for car glass damage, repair of car glass chips will cost you nothing, and such repair will not affect your no-claims bonus.
In any event, repair of a car glass chip takes at most 30 minutes and the cost is almost infinitely lower than the cost of replacing entirely a car’s windscreen or window.
Loving care of your car glass would be, indeed, wise, thoughtful and prescient.
West Rand Auto Glass is a provider of windscreens and car glass. Contact us with any queries on car glass products.
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